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Perfume Storage Tank
Description :

Perfume Storage Tank is used to storage the pharmaceutical solution liquid ,food ,dairy liquid solution and water ,chemical solution etc field

Perfume Storage Tank is made of stainless steel material , which is divided into tank shell , manhole, tank CIP spray ball, ,vent filter ,feed port and discharge port etc. The tank shell is polished inside surface as Ra<0.45um, and outside surface as Ra<0.8um. The liquid level gauge is used to observe the storage capacity in the tank. The tank CIP spray ball is used to clean the inside shell of tank.

The manhole can be used for maintenance, plus two feed inlets, which can be connected by pipes at the same time. There is a water outlet below, which can be installed with a valve, and the water can be discharged manually, and it will be closed after the water is discharged.

Characteristic of Perfume Storage Tank :
LayersSingle layer with double jacketed layers
Manhole TypeQuick open
Volume Range50L – 1000L
Perfume Storage Tank Supplier in Dubai UAE

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