Automatic Anti Corrosive Liquid Filling Machine

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Automatic Anti Corrosive Liquid Filling Machine


Description :


The Anti-Corrosion inline liquid filling machine represents a cutting-edge development entirely designed to adhere to anti-corrosion standards. This advanced filling equipment integrates microcomputer (PLC) control, photoelectric sensor technology, and pneumatic actuation.

Specifically engineered for use with highly corrosive liquids like bleach, 84 disinfection solution, toilet cleaning fluid, and similar substances, this machine offers the added capability of Drive filling. Buyers can opt for a drive filling configuration, or alternatively, a non-drive filling option is available. The machine boasts several key features, including precise filling volumes, a drip-free operation, photoelectric detection, and the ability to prevent filling in the absence of a bottle.

Advantages :


  1. The Automatic Anti Corrosive Liquid Filling Machine is crafted from anti-corrosive PP material, distinct from PVC and stainless steel. This includes the tank, body, filling nozzles, and screws. The filling nozzles are expertly crafted from PE, renowned for its anti-corrosive properties. The latest design incorporates PE for the filling nozzles, ensuring a secure seal. Optionally, Titanium alloy filling nozzles are also available.
  2. Employing a GRAVITY FILLING type, the machine is specifically designed to handle high corrosive liquids that are not adhesive.
  3. The standard dimensions of the machine are 2000×910×2200mm (LxWxH). The machine length may vary when equipped with fewer filling nozzles, resulting in a more compact size.

Main Parameter  :


Model Unit FCT-AA24
Nozzle Number PCS 8 10 12 16
Filling volume Ml 100-5000
Production capacity Bottle/h 1000-5000pcs(Depends on filling volume)
Quantitative error % 100-1000ml:≤±2% , 1000-5000ml:≤±1%
Voltage V AC220V 380V ±10%
Consumed power KW 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Air pressure MPA 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumption M3/min 0.8 1 1.2 1.2

Automatic Anti Corrosive Liquid Filling Machine in Dubai

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