Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil

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Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil


This inline Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil Brake Oil Filling, designed for cream and liquid applications, incorporates state-of-the-art features such as PLC and touch screen control for precise material handling. It stands out with its exceptional accuracy in measurement, advanced structure, stable operation, low noise, extensive adjustment range, and rapid filling speed. This machine is versatile, suitable for filling easy volatilization, easily bubbly, strong corrosive liquids, as well as rubber, plastic, and high-viscosity liquids and semi-liquids.

Operators can effortlessly adjust and meter figures through the user-friendly touch screen control panel, which also allows for the individual adjustment of metering for each filling head. The machine’s external surface is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring not only a polished appearance but also compliance with GMP standards.

For those in search of a piston filling machine for sale, this automatic straight line piston filling machine is a reliable choice. As a trusted liquid filling and sealing machine, it meets industry standards al0v nd is ideal for various applications. Whether you’re in the UAE or Qatar, this piston type volumetric filling machine delivers consistent performance, making it a top choice in the market.

Features & Advantages of the Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil :


  1. Option for a standard conveyor or puck system for handling unstable bottles.
  2. Adaptable design to cater to diverse needs.
  3. Swift and straightforward format size changeover for enhanced efficiency.
  4. Availability of a docking filling station model.
  5. Utilizes a diving nozzle mechanism for bottom-up filling, ensuring precision and reliability.

Application of the Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil :


The Automatic Piston Servo Paste Liquid Filling Machine is designed for the automated filling of diverse bottle types, accommodating both paste and liquid substances. Additionally, it is well-suited for packaging corrosive liquids.

Examples :


Examples of applicable substances include shampoo, honey, laundry liquid, shower gel, lotion, machine oil, soup, detergent solvents, alcohol, specialty chemicals, paint, inks, automobile glass water, and corrosive chemicals such as acids and bleach.

Packaging Samples :


Dimension (L×W×H) 2200×1100×2200mm 2300×1100×2200mm 2400×1100×2200mm
Filling head 6 8 10 12 16
Capacity (1L) 1600B/H 2200 B/H 2800 B/H 3200 B/H 4500 B/H
Power (KW) 1.1 1.5 1.5 2.2 2.5
Suitable bottle Diameter: Φ40mm——Φ100mm; Height: 80mm——280mm
Filling accuracy ≤200ml: ±1%;
200-1000ml: ±0.5%;
1000-5000ml: ±0.5%;
Neck diameter Φ18mm
Filling range 50ml——1000ml, 1000ml-5000ml
Air pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Power supply 380V; 50HZ


Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil
Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil
Oil Filling Machine Packaging Samples

Automatic Servo Filling Machine for Brake Oil





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