Automatic Perfume box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

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Automatic Perfume box Cellophane Wrapping Machine


The Automatic Perfume box Cellophane Wrapping Machine is crafted for wrapping cuboid-shaped products using PP film or paper in diverse industries like perfume, medicine, and cigarette boxes. This enhances product packaging, safeguards goods from handling damage, and provides protection against dust and moisture.

Operated through a PLC system and human-machine interface, the cellophane wrapping machine ensures efficient performance. It is adaptable to integration with various machinery, including automatic cartooning machines, condom packing machines, liquid bottling machines, forming comprehensive packing lines.


Overwrapping Machine Features

  • Capable of wrapping carton boxes of various sizes
  • Adjustable filling range and bag size Customizable
  • safety shields Automated feeding, packaging, and counting
  • Cost-effective with low maintenance requirements
  • Ensures product protection and prevents dust and moisture
  • High flexibility with minimal waste
  • Incorporates an advanced dual protection mechanism
  • Safeguards machine parts during operation
  • Combines film rolling and heating functions
  • Anti-wear features extend the machine’s lifespan
  • Achieves tidy tucking and folding for end overwrapping

Automatic Overwrapping Machine in Dubai

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