Drip Coffee Packing Machine

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Drip Coffee Packing Machine

Description :

Our cutting-edge drip coffee bag packing machine excels in crafting premium packs, catering to diverse needs like drip coffee bags and tea bags. It guarantees precise and stable performance, ensuring the production of hygienic products. The machine seamlessly accommodates a variety of packing materials, including paper/plastic, filter paper, plastic/aluminum/plastic, and paper/aluminum/plastic, providing versatile packaging solutions.


Drip Coffee Packing Machine

Drip Coffee Bag


Drip Coffee Bag

Key Features of the Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine :


  1. Utilizes a unique hangers-type filter for trilateral sealing, allowing the bag to be directly hung on the cup’s edge. This design not only enhances the brewing effect of the coffee but also results in a visually appealing bag type that is currently popular in international markets.
  2. The machine is equipped to automatically complete the entire packaging process, including bag creation, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and batch number printing.
  3. Incorporates an advanced control system to regulate the machine’s operations. With a compact structure and user-friendly interface design, it ensures convenient operation, easy adjustments, and straightforward maintenance.
  4. The servo motor-driven mechanism for the bag’s interior length ensures accurate positioning and stability. The outer bag relies on photoelectric switch orientation and step-wise membrane application, guaranteeing precision and aesthetic appeal in bag length.
  5. Designed for convenience and hygiene, the machine features non-woven bag hanging ears for the bubble bag. The sealing process employs state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, delivering a high-quality and visually pleasing seal for the pockets.


Additional Features :


  • The inner bag employs an ultrasonic cold sealing technique, showcasing the machine’s intrinsic value. In contrast to traditional heat sealing methods that necessitate high temperatures, which can adversely impact the quality of coffee powder, ultrasonic sealing mitigates this drawback, ensuring the preservation of coffee quality.
  • Nitrogen Device Feature: Unlike other machines that typically only fill the outer bag with nitrogen, our machine sets itself apart by simultaneously filling both the inner and outer bags with nitrogen. Achieving a nitrogen purity of 99.99%, this innovative feature significantly extends and preserves the quality of the coffee.

Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine Features :


  1. Constructed with the main components made of SUS304 stainless steel for durability and hygiene.
  2. High efficiency with a packing speed ranging from 30 to 60 bags per minute.
  3. User-friendly design ensures stability, durability, and ease of maintenance.
  4. Stepper motor control for outer bag sealing, ensuring precise and stable positioning of bag length.
  5. Operates with a user-friendly PLC control system for easy machine operation.
  6. Equipped with a PID temperature controller for precise temperature adjustments.
  7. Maintains hygiene standards with the main machine parts crafted from SUS304 stainless steel.
  8. Features imported cylinders to ensure accuracy and stability in machine performance.
  9. Simultaneously produces inner and outer bags, significantly improving overall working efficiency.
  10. Optional date code printer available.

Specifications :

Model FCT-DP24
Sealing Type Three Sides Seal
Packing Range 1-15g/bag
Inner Bag Size L: 50-75mm; W: 50-75mm (Special size can customize)
Outer Bag Size L: 85-120mm; W: 75-95mm (Special size can customize)
Label Size L*W: 25*25 (Special size can customize)
Voltage 220V, 50Hz, Single phase
Total Power 3.7Kw
Heating Device

Up vertical sealing heating tube(inner) 110V 350W 2pcs;

Up cross sealing heating tube(inner) 110V 350W 2pcs;

Label heating tube: 110V 100W, 2pcs;

Down vertical sealing heating tube(outer) 110V 350W 2pcs;

Down cross sealing heating tube(outer) 110V 350w 2pcs.

Weight 650KG
Dimension 1050*700*1300(L*W*H mm)

Drip Coffee Packing Machine in Dubai

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