Automatic Honey Spoon Filling and Sealing Machine

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Automatic Honey Spoon Filling and Sealing Machine

Description :


If you have a penchant for honey, a honey spoon can be an incredibly convenient accessory. Essentially, a honey spoon is a plastic spoon pre-filled with honey and sealed with a composite film or aluminum foil. If you’re considering purchasing a machine to fill and seal honey spoons, here’s how it operates:

Technical Details :


Production speed 1000-1200pcs/h
Honey spoon specification Depending on customer’s spoon sample
Product Honey
Sealing material Sealing sheet
Power supply 220V, 50HZ
Motor power 0.75kw
Heating power 500W
Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.75Mpa
Compressed air consumption 0.45m⊃3;/m
Machine dimensions About 1200*1100*1650mm
Machine weight 800kg

Honey Spoon Machine Working Process :


a. Spoon Feeding: Spoons are fed manually or automatically. In automatic mode, spoons are initially placed into a feeder manually, then automatically fed into the machine.

b. Filling: Honey is filled using a piston pump. The filling nozzle includes an anti-leak device to prevent material from spilling onto the spoon’s edge, ensuring proper sealing. The hopper is equipped with a temperature-preserving device to maintain consistent honey fluidity.

c. Sealing Sheet Feeding: Sealing sheets are suctioned, overturned, and positioned onto the spoon.

d. Sealing: The sealing mechanism, typically made of copper for its excellent thermal conductivity, ensures a high-quality seal. Temperature settings for sealing range from 0 to 400°C.

e. Spoon Discharging: Spoons are discharged using a suction cup mechanism.




Honey Spoon Filling and Sealing Machine
Honey Spoon Filling and Sealing Machine


Automatic Honey Spoon Filling and Sealing Machine In Dubai

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