TJ7 Handheld Printer

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Thermal Inkjet Tj7 Handheld Printer


We provide the best handheld TIJ printer (HP Technology) which can fully support Arabic and English typing. it also can print bar-code, text, counter, date, and many more.


TJ7 Handheld Printer
TJ7 Printer

Specification :


Print Head Thermal inkjet 2.5
Operation Linux
CPU Quad core 1.4GHz
Interface USB, RS232, Bluetooth 4.0
Language Arabic, English, Turkish, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German
Print Distance Best quality with 2-5 mm
Print Resolution 300dpi Maximum
Ink Type Water-based/42ml, Solvent/42ml
Ink Color Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Invisible UV
Print Content English, Number, Symbol, QR code, barcode, pictures, dates, counter, variable data
Print Media Boards, Carton, Stone, Pipe, Cable, Metal, Plastic, Electronic, Automotive parts
Battery [email protected]
Adapter AC input 100-240V; DC output 16.8V/2A
Material of Printer ABS+PC
Dimension 220*114*130 mm (H*W*D)
Weight GW 0.82 KG
Operation Environment Temperature 0-45°C (The best 20-30°C) Humidity 40%-60% Rh

TJ7 Handheld Printer Machine in Dubai

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