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Ribbon Blender / Mixer Manufacturer in Dubai UAE

Description of Ribbon Blender

First Class Ribbon Blender is an advanced batch mixer designed for rapid and thorough blending of dry, freely flowing solids. It features a U-shaped horizontal trough and a unique double helical ribbon agitator that rotates inside the trough. These blenders utilize a well-established agitator design that offers three-way mixing action for quick and effective blending. The size and layout of the ribbons are meticulously crafted to ensure continuous movement of materials without any stagnant areas, facilitating swift product discharge. These mixers are offered in a range of sizes from 100 to 5000 liters, catering to diverse blending needs.

Available Capacities : 

100 to 5000 Liters

Features of Ribbon Blender :
  • Horizontal tank mixer featuring a single shaft with dual spiral symmetry circle structure.
  • Top cover of the U-shaped tank serves as the material entrance and can be customized with spray or liquid addition devices to meet customer requirements.
  • Equipped inside the tank is an axis rotor comprising cross support and spiral ribbon for efficient mixing.
  • Located underneath the tank is a flap dome valve, operable via pneumatic or manual control, positioned at the center to ensure material discharge without any dead angles or material deposit.
  • Arc-designed valve guarantees reliable regulation and sealing, preventing leakage during frequent opening and closing.
  • Disconnection ribbon enhances mixing efficiency, enabling rapid and uniform blending of materials in a short duration.
  • Optional design feature includes the capability to maintain desired temperature conditions. An additional layer outside the tank allows for the insertion of a medium into the interlayer, facilitating cooling or heating of the mixing materials. Typically, water is used for cooling, hot steam, or electrical heating for heating purposes.

Ribbon Blender Mixing & Blending Applications :

Ribbon blenders stand out as one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and widely employed mixers for handling dry solids across various process industries, ranging from general chemical to food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and polymers.

Their adaptability makes ribbon blenders well-suited for mixing a diverse range of solids and light pastes efficiently and economically, thanks to the inner and outer ribbon action facilitating thorough blending.

01. Grains, Beans, Foodstuff & Bakery Powder
Ribbon Blender for Grains in Dubai

02. Sugar, Seasoning

Ribbon Blender for Sugar

03. Spices

Ribbon Blender for Spices in Dubai
Ribbon Blender / Mixer Manufacturer in Dubai UAE

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