Chemical Storage Tank

Chemical Storage Tank in UAE

Chemical Storage Tank in UAE

Chemical Storage Tank in UAE

Stainless steel storage tanks are utilized for storing liquids or gases and can be supplied in various configurations such as single-layer, dual-layer, or three-layer, with or without agitation for blending purposes. These tanks find extensive applications across industries including beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and processes, serving as blender tanks, buffer tanks, and storage vessels that meet sanitary standards for cleanliness.


  1. Various types of storage tanks can be chosen based on specific functions:

    • Vertical storage tanks
    • Horizontal storage tanks
    • Single-layer storage tanks
    • Double-layer storage tanks
    • Three-layer insulation storage tanks
  2. Storage tanks can also be selected based on different materials and purposes:

    • Hinged Lid Storage tanks (suitable for various liquid washing products)
    • Sealed Lid Storage tanks (used for hand sanitizer, lotion, paste)
    • Pressure Lid Storage tanks (designed for toothpaste, thick cream)
    • Pneumatic Mixing Storage tanks (ideal for perfume)
  3. Tank capacities range from 100L to 30000L, constructed from 316L or 304 stainless steel.

  4. Designed to meet sanitary standards, these tanks feature a user-friendly structure for convenient operation and hygienic liquid storage.

The tanks are crafted from SUS304 or SUS316 materials, featuring a mirror-polished inner surface and customizable outer finishes including polishing, sanding, or sandblasting to meet specific customer preferences.

Chemicals Storage Tank in UAE

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