Terms of Service

Here are some conditions and rules within the institution

First Class Packing & Filling Equipment

First: Machines

– Warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, not misuse.

– There is no warranty for the following parts: belts in all types, heaters in all types, pulleys in all types, and any consumable parts in the machine.

– Any machine without a serial number, without a registered invoice with the serial number, with damaged wires, breakage, misuse, or damage due to electrical reasons is not covered by the warranty.

– The company is not responsible in any way, either directly or indirectly, for any damages or malfunctions resulting from the use or inability to use the machine related to the warranty. Therefore, the warranty is void if the machine is found to be in the following conditions:

  – Stored in an inappropriate place under unsuitable climatic conditions.

  – Tampered with or repaired by non-authorized technicians.

  – Incorrectly installed.

  – Subjected to excessive electrical loads.

  – Used in conditions different from those it was manufactured for.

  – Exposed to natural wear and tear due to use.

– Not subjected to periodic maintenance.-Attempting to repair the device outside the authorized maintenance center voids the warranty.-In case of delivering the product for warranty, all accessories received at the time of purchase must be submitted. If all product accessories are not complete internally or externally, the warranty is invalidated.The original purchase invoice must be provided as a fundamental condition for accepting the item under warranty.

The warranty certificate becomes void in case of any deletion or erasure on it.

Customer receipt of the warranty certificate is an acknowledgment of receiving all items in good condition and agreement to all the above conditions.

Second: Product Return or Replacement

If you purchase a product from First Class Trading Company, you can exchange or return the product to the company and receive a refund within fourteen days of the purchase date, according to the following conditions:

First: Cases of Product Return or Replacement

– Manufacturing defect in the product.

– Receiving the product incorrectly or not in accordance with the purchase request or product specifications listed on the First Class Trading Company website.

– If more than fourteen days have passed since the purchase date, refunds or replacements are subject to the product warranty rules imposed by each product’s agent. Please review the product warranty certificates.

Second: Conditions for Returning or Replacing Products :

– The purchase invoice date should not be more than fourteen days.

– The product must be in its original condition.

– All labels on the machine, including the global product code labels, First Class Trading labels, and any other promotional labels, must not be removed.

– The product must not have been purchased using rewards points on the First Class Trading Company website, withdrawals, prizes, or through others or any other incentive or marketing means.

– The returnee or the one to be replaced must be the same person listed on the purchase invoice.

The consumer shall not be entitled to refund or exchange the items in the 

following cases:- 

1) Changing his mind about the purchased item.

2) The item was free from any defects. 

3) The Item was available elsewhere at a lower price.

Third: General Rules for Product Return or Replacement :

– In the case of returning or replacing a product, any discounts or offers applied to the product will be canceled, and this value will be deducted from the refunded amount.

– If there are any offers such as free gifts or accessories or spare parts (promotional offers) with the product, these offers are not refundable, and their value will be deducted from the refunded amount.

– In the case of returning a product within a bundle, a single product cannot be returned; all products included in the bundle must be returned.

– Sometimes First Class Trading Company offers gifts and samples to its customers. These gifts and samples are not returnable.

– The process of return or replacement is subject to inspection by the Operations and Collection departments at First Class Trading Company, and these departments have the right to reject the return or replacement of the machine that does not comply with the conditions.

– First Class Trading Tech Company does not bear the shipping costs, customs fees, or any administrative fees related to the return or replacement process.

– In all cases, First Class Trading Company provides products that contain the phrase “not returnable” and are not subject to the conditions for returning or replacing products. Completing your purchase means your acceptance of this condition.

– If you want to replace your product with another item or the product is subject to the direct replacement right as mentioned in section two of this agreement, the replacement conditions are subject to the same conditions mentioned above for returns, with the following additional conditions:

   – Product replacement is subject to the stock availability First Class Trading Company, which allows First Class Trading Company, in the event of the product being replaced, to send you a similar or equivalent product to your product you want to replace, and the assessment process is subject to current market prices (without any discounts or offers), which may result in additional charges to compensate for price differences.

Fourth: Refund Methods :

Your refund is subject to the following terms and conditions:

   – Refunding credit card purchases is done on the same card used for the purchase.

   – Cash purchases are refunded in cash, requiring you to come to the company’s headquarters to complete the process.

   – Purchases made with rewards points are refunded in points only.

   – A 5% bank fee will be deducted from the total refundable amount to the credit card.

   – Refunds may take at least ten working days from the final approval time

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