Cream Mixing Tank

Cream Mixing Tank in UAE

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Cream Mixing Tank in UAE


The mixing tank comprises a tank body equipped with a mixing component. It is constructed from stainless steel and features a jacket for heating or cooling, along with an insulating layer on the outside. Various options exist for the type of jacketed heating, including electric, steam, or oil heating.

Depending on the specific technological needs, the mixing component can be selected from options like high shear, high-speed dispersion, low-speed anchor mixing, paddle mixing, or propeller mixing.

For installation, the reactor typically includes floor-mounted legs or can be supported by lugs on a platform.

Key Characteristics:

  1. Utilizes an internal tank and external jacket structure, incorporating heat insulation materials within.
  2. Fabricated entirely from sanitary stainless steel materials.
  3. Features a user-friendly design for straightforward operation.
  4. The transition area of the tank’s interior wall employs curved surfaces to eliminate sanitation dead corners.
Cream Mixing Tank in UAE

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