Semi Automatic Overwrapping Machine

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Semi Automatic Overwrapping Machine

Description :

The semi-automatic overwrapping system, featuring a roll film feed mechanism, operates efficiently with just single-phase electrics. It boasts straightforward operation, affordability, and is specifically tailored for small batches with a modest investment.

The adaptability of the semi-automatic overwrapping system simplifies the process of wrapping various pack sizes, serving as an accessory to address diverse packaging challenges effectively.

Wrapping Machines Features :


  • Manual trailing edge sealing
  • Automatic folding and sealing
  • Pneumatic auxiliary system
  • Bottom-side or side-seal options
  • Large pack size range
  • Fast format changeover
  • High-reliability mechanical-driven system
Product Code FCT-SA25
Lenght (L) Min 50 mm – Max 250 mm
Height (H) Min 30 mm – Max 80 mm
Capacity 5 – 20
Outline Dimensions 150 x 85 x 110 cm
Width (W) Min 50 mm – Max 150 mm
Power 1 KW, 1 Phase, 220 VAC
Weight 350 kg

Semi Automatic Overwrapping Machine in Dubai

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