Automatic Carton Erector and Carton Sealing Machine

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Automatic Carton Erector and Carton Sealing Machine

Description :


Introducing an integrated packaging solution that seamlessly combines the robustness of a Carton Erector, the versatility of a Manual Conveyor, and the precision of an Auto Flap Carton Sealer. This trio is meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth transition from carton creation to sealing, guaranteeing that each package is structured with the highest integrity and reliability. It embodies a commitment to uniting manual dexterity with automatic precision, providing both flexibility and consistency in your packaging processes.

The Carton Erector effortlessly shapes cartons, creating a perfect foundation for a seamless transfer onto the Manual Conveyor. This conveyor allows for precise positioning and operator oversight, facilitating a meticulous process. Subsequently, the Auto Flap Carton Sealer ensures that each carton is impeccably sealed, making it ready for dispatch or storage. With this comprehensive system, you’re not just acquiring a machine; you’re investing in a holistic packaging experience that assures efficiency, reliability, and unparalleled quality.

Technical Specifications :

Automatic Carton Erector Machine

Specification Details
Power Supply 220/380V, 50Hz
Air Pressure 6kgf/cm², 450nl/min
Adhesive Tape Width Options 48mm/60mm/75mm


Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

Specification Details
Power Supply 1 Phase 110V/220V/240V
Packing Size Range (mm) Maximum: L x W500 x H500
Minimum: L150 x W135 x H110
Tape Width Options 50mm (2”) or 76mm (3”)
Automatic Carton Erector and Carton Sealing Machine in Dubai

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