Automatic Cling Film Wrapping Machine

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Automatic Cling Film Wrapping Machine

Description :


An automatic food tray wrapper comprises a range of wrapping machines specifically engineered to package both food and non-food items in cling film. These machines are adept at packaging various products, whether on trays or without, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, cheeses, poultry, sushi, cooked dishes, and ready-made meals. They are designed to uphold the freshness and visual appeal of these items in supermarkets and food stores.

Although commonly referred to as tray wrappers, these automatic wrapping machines possess the capability to package products like vegetables and fruits even without the use of trays. Items such as cabbages, turnips, carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, apples, and peaches can be efficiently wrapped using this versatile machinery.

Cling Film Wrapping Machine applications :


Automatic tray wrapper applications, such as those found in manual or semi-automatic cling film wrapping processes, are extensively utilized for packing and wrapping various food products. These can include vegetables, fruits, agricultural produce, cooked foods, sushi, cheese, meat, fish, seafood, sandwiches, and more. Unlike vacuum packing, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), or skin packaging which effectively prolong the shelf life of food products, cling film wrappers are typically employed in supermarkets, food shops, and farms for quickly packaging food items intended for retail purposes within a short timeframe.


Automatic Cling Film Wrapping Machine

Full Automatic Cling Film Wrapping Machine Working Principle


The food wrapping machine facilitates automatic feeding of products into the working chamber and the conveyance of finished packages out of the chamber. It seamlessly integrates with other devices such as weighing equipment, printers, and labeling devices, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Technical Details :


Packaging speed 20-25 packs/minute
Package length 120-350 mm
Package width 95-220 mm
Package height 10-130 mm (when products are in containers, container height must be less than 50mm)
Package weight 50-4500 grams
Cling film roll width 350-500 mm
Cling film roll diameter Max. 160 mm (1000 meters long)
Power supply Single phase, 220V/50Hz, can customize
Total power 1.8 KW
Machine dimension 3250*1015*1372 mm
Machine weight About 385 KGs

Automatic Cling Film Wrapping Machine In Dubai

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