Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine

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Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine


Description :


Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine – a versatile solution offering both foot pedal control and automatic filling modes. With a filling range from 2 to 3500ml, this machine operates on a wide voltage range (AC 110-220V) and consumes just 30W of power. Featuring a high-end LED display, stainless steel construction meeting GMP requirements, and a powerful 3500 ml/min Diaphragm Pump, it’s designed for precision and efficiency.


Liquid Filler Key Points :


  1. Dual Filling Modes: Foot pedal control for manual precision or automatic filling for hands-free operation.
  2. Wide Filling Range: Suitable for volumes ranging from 2 to 3500ml, accommodating diverse liquid products.
  3. Power and Voltage: Low power consumption at 30W with a wide voltage range (AC 110-220V) for versatility.
  4. Advanced Features: LED display, waterproof settings, and six groups of data storage for convenience.
  5. Diaphragm Pump: High-flow internal return diaphragm pump with a maximum flow rate of 3500ml/min.
  6. Precision and Stability: Filling error ≤±0.5%, microcomputer-controlled filling time, and adjustable pump motor speed.
  7. Application: Ideal for beverages, wine, vinegar, soy sauce, liquid skincare products, and perfumes.
  8. Limitations: Not suitable for corrosive or highly viscous liquids thicker than edible oil.
  9. Portability: Lightweight at 4 kg, easily managed by one person for on-the-go use.
  10. Safety Features: Automatic power cutoff during prolonged operation without a load, ensuring machine protection and stability.

Specification :

Specification Details
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Filling Speed 3.2L/min
Certification CE
Warranty of Core Components 1 Year
Max Suck Distance 2m
Filling Volumes Range 2ml-unlimited volume
Weight 3KG
Dimension(L*W*H) 350*260*140mm
Function Filling
Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine in Dubai.

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