Professional Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Description :


The DZ series double chamber vacuum packing machine stands out with its automated functions, seamlessly handling vacuumization, sealing, printing, and cooling processes. Tailored for the food, pharmaceutical, aquatic, chemical, and electronic industries, this machine is designed to safeguard products from oxidation, mildew, corrosion, and moisture. By employing cutting-edge technology, it effectively preserves product quality and freshness over extended storage periods. Notably, the DZ model goes a step further by offering the option to introduce inert gases, such as nitrogen, into the packing bag after the vacuuming process, enhancing product protection.



  • Our double chamber vacuum packing machine efficiently handles medium to small objects in single or continuous packages, ideal for small-scale operations. It also features an inflatable function.
  • Choose between the electric relay automatic control system and the computer board automatic control system for the machine’s electrical control.
  • Operating the machine is simple—just press the vacuum chamber cover to complete the vacuum pumping process following preset procedures.
  • The dual vacuum chambers work interchangeably, significantly improving efficiency.
  • Vacuum sealing prevents oxidation, mildew, pests, and moisture, extending the product’s storage duration.
  • Introducing inert gas after vacuum pumping extends storage time, ensuring prolonged freshness and consistent packaging color.

Parameters :

Available model range is DZ500-2SB, DZ600-2SB, DZ400-2SB, DZ400-2SA, DZ500-2SA and DZ600-2SA, Contact us for more information.


Voltage 220V/50HZ
Total power 1kW to 2kW
No. of sealing strips 2
Chamber material 304 stainless steels
Cover material Organic glass

What is double chamber vacuum machine ?


The double chamber vacuum packaging machine, available at a competitive double chamber vacuum packing machine price, stands out as an efficient solution for your packaging needs. This automatic double chamber vacuum packing machine, equipped with advanced features, ensures a swift and effective sealing process. If you’re considering a purchase, explore our double chamber vacuum sealer for sale, designed to optimize packaging efficiency with its dual chamber system. Whether you’re in search of a dual chamber vacuum machine or a reliable dual chamber vacuum sealer, our product caters to your requirements, promising enhanced productivity and seamless operation.

How does a double chamber vacuum machine work ? 


Inserting the bag into the vacuum chamber of the packaging machine involves strategically placing the opening for subsequent sealing. The chamber then expels the air to the exterior before the sealing process commences. The sealed bag undergoes a heating phase, followed by a cooling period, ensuring a secure closure. This process is seamlessly executed by our advanced double chamber vacuum packing machine, available at a competitive price.

What is a chamber vacuum packer ?


The utilization of vacuum sealer bags within the chamber machine is a key feature. With chamber vacuum sealers, precise control over the vacuum amount is achieved. These sealers effectively remove air from the chamber, equalizing air pressure both inside and outside the pouch. This secure process ensures that liquids remain contained within the pouch. Our advanced double chamber vacuum packing machine, priced competitively, is adept at executing this controlled vacuum sealing with efficiency.





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