Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnel

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Heavy-Duty Shrink Tunnel

Description :


Utilizing heat to securely shrink film around a product, this tunnel offers a practical and uncomplicated solution for high and Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnel applications. By tightly sealing the film over a product, shrink-wrapping protects against potential risks such as dirt, friction, tampering, and other external factors. Moreover, it imparts a clean, glossy, and professionally finished look to products, enhancing their perceived value in the eyes of consumers. Employing this machine brings advantages such as faster packaging times, improved product appearance, reduced material and electricity consumption, and enhanced protection.

Key Features :

  1. User-Friendly Operation:
    • Simple working mechanism for easy and intuitive operation.
  2. Cooling System:
    • Facilitates product cooling and ensures a smooth shrink cycle.
  3. Speedy Warmup:
    • High-powered heating mechanism for rapid temperature attainment.
  4. Personalized Shrink Speed:
  5. Leveling Feet:
    • Variable height range for easy integration with other machines or conveyors.
  6. Temperature Preservation:
    • Entry and exit drapes enhance insulation and heat retention.
  7. Rugged & Reliable:
    • Built to endure heavy use in production, manufacturing, and warehouse settings.
  8. Adjustable Heat:
    • Temperature adjustment (0° – 752°F [0° – 400°C]) to suit specific shrink packaging applications.
  9. Professional-Grade Shrink Packaging:
  10. Quick and Steady Shrinking:
    • Optimizes the shrink-wrapping process for improved packaging speeds.
  11. Added Safety:
    • The snug seal around products ensures safety during transportation, storage, or display for sale.

Specifications :


Voltage (V/Hz)
380/50(3P) 220/60(3P)
Power (W)
Conveying Speed (m/min)
Tunnel Size (L×W×H)(mm)
External Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
Net Weight(kg)

Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnel in Dubai

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