IBC Tank Mixer Machine

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IBC Tank Mixer Machine


Description :

The agitator designed for IBC  presents an optimal solution for maintaining the homogeneity of liquids within Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) or Large Bulk Goods Containers (GRG) during transportation and storage.

Its turbine features a unique design that enables it to pass through the typically small-diameter openings of these tanks, approximately 140mm. When the motor activates and the shaft starts rotating, the turbine blades automatically elevate, delivering the necessary agitation for specific objectives in each application, such as homogenization, suspension of solids, or dissolution.

Application of IBC Tank Mixer in the UAE

Owing to their outstanding performance, remarkable flexibility, and ease of portability, our agitators find diverse applications across various fields. These include blending reagents for water treatment, serving transport companies for the distribution of chemical products, and catering to small-scale manufacturing in industries such as paints, detergents, gels, food production, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and more.

Product Specifications :


Power Supply Three phase, 380V/415V, 50/60Hz
Mixing Capacity 1000 Litres as per IBC container (does not come with the mixer)
Impeller Design  Collapsible fan-shaped folding impeller
Speed 200rpm
Torque 34Nm
Wetted Parts Material Food and medical grade stainless steel 316L / SS304
Machine Base SS304 Frame support with forklift channels (SS316L version)

Mild Steel Frame support with forklift channels (SS304 version)

Safety features Clamp, limit switch system, ON/OFF starter (optional)
Optional Features IBC Mixer Storage Stand, Powder/Liquid Hopper, Timer


IBC Tank Mixer Machine in Dubai 

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