Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine



The Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine is equipped with a stainless steel slat conveyor, facilitating the smooth movement of containers. These containers pass beneath the filling nozzles, regulated by a twin pneumatically operated stopper system that ensures precision in centering the container beneath the nozzles, preventing any spillage of liquid.

The twin pneumatically operated stopper system, in conjunction with reciprocating nozzles, ensures accurate alignment of the container, minimizing the risk of liquid spillage. Additionally, to reduce foaming, the adjustable nozzles reciprocate in tandem with the filling dose, moving upwards from the bottom level of the bottle toward the neck during the filling process.

The machine is equipped with a Digital filling system as a standard feature. The filling motor utilizes a servo drive, while the conveyor drive employs an AC motor synchronized with a variable AC Frequency Drive. A PLC Controller is provided to easily configure fill volume, conveyor speed, and fill timing, allowing for straightforward adjustment of fill sizes.

Advantages of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine


  1. Precision and Accuracy: The machine ensures high precision with an accuracy of ± 0.8% or 0.5 grams in a single dose, choosing the higher value for accuracy.
  2. No Change Parts: No additional parts need to be changed, contributing to operational efficiency.
  3. Individual Volume Control: Each syringe has independent volume control, offering flexibility and customization for different filling requirements.
  4. Variable Speed Settings: The machine allows different speeds to be set based on fill volume and the foaming nature of the material being filled.
  5. Sturdy Construction: The body is covered with stainless steel sheeting, enhancing durability and providing a hygienic surface.
  6. Material Quality: All contact parts are made of silicon tubing and S.S.316, ensuring compatibility with various liquids and preventing contamination.
  7. Versatility: Capable of filling a variety of liquids, the machine is designed to accommodate various types of containers.
  8. Elimination of Dropping Issues: The design eliminates problems such as dropping or last-drop issues during the filling process.
  9. No-Bottle-No-Filling System: The system ensures that filling only occurs when a bottle is present, enhancing operational control.
  10. Integrated Holding Tank: A 25-liter holding tank is fitted with the machine, providing continuous liquid supply and contributing to operational efficiency.
  11. Fine-Tuning Facility: The machine offers a facility for fine-tuning volume settings, allowing for precise adjustments to meet specific requirements.
  12. Built-In Protection: The machine incorporates protection features against overcurrent, voltage fluctuations, and short circuits in the AC frequency drive, ensuring operational safety.
  13. Suitability for Various Liquids: Ideal for aseptic, shear-sensitive, viscous, and corrosive liquids, making it versatile for different industry applications.



Model No. FCT-AV24
Bottle Diameter Up to 90 mm*
Filling Range 25 ml to 500 ml with help of suitable change parts / Syringe
Accuracy +/- 1% Depending on Liquid with Single Dose
Electrical 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)
Power 2.0 H.P.
Production Output Max. 80 Bottles per minute
Syringe Filling Range 10ml to 50ml,50ml to 100ml, 100ml to 250ml and 250ml to 500ml
Conveyor Height 800 to 850 mm
Overall Dimensions 1830 mm (L) x 800 mm (W) x 1550 mm(H)
Net Weight 350 Kgs.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine in Dubai

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