Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine

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Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine



This versatile Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) system performs multiple functions simultaneously, including forming, sealing, printing on sachet-style packages, and precisely dispensing predetermined liquid volumes. Its robust piston-powered suction mechanism enables seamless handling of liquids, from low to highly viscous, including challenging substances like creams and pastes. Elevate your production line with this automated, user-friendly system that offers a comprehensive solution.

Fluid Packing Machine Key Features:


  1. Comprehensive Packaging System:
    • Our Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine, pneumatic piston filling system, and built-in printing coder create a seamless liquid packaging solution.
  2. Efficient Hot Stamp Coder:
    • Streamlining printing during package formation and filling, this system saves time and energy, enhancing efficiency for paste filling machines.
  3. Robust Sealing:
    • Consistent heat sealing ensures enduring and professional-looking packages, a key trait of high-performing paste packaging machines.
  4. Adaptable Versatility:
    • From low to highly viscous liquids, this system handles a broad range of viscosity levels, catering to diverse products.
  5. Accurate Dispensing:
    • The high-precision pneumatic piston filling system guarantees precise pours, meeting the demands of auto filling machines in the UAE.
  6. Mobility and Safety:
    • Equipped with rotating wheels featuring brakes, ensuring enhanced safety and effortless mobility—a crucial feature for any filling machine.
  7. Industrial-Grade Durability:
    • The industrial-style stainless steel body ensures durability, making this system resilient for continuous production—an ideal small viscosity packing machine.
  8. Flexible Filling Options:
    • Adjust the machine’s filling measures to suit desired portions, offering flexibility in granule vertical packing machines.
  9. Precision with Eye Mark Sensors:
    • Photoelectric sensors automatically detect and center packaging film, ensuring accurate cuts and professional outcomes, meeting the demands of a sachet packing machine.
  10. Output Tracking:
    • The incorporated counter monitors the number of generated packages, a crucial aspect for efficient production tracking.

This all-encompassing system is the epitome of innovation, designed to meet the specific needs of liquid packaging, paste filling, and more. It’s not just a machine; it’s a solution that combines reliability and precision. Elevate your production line with our liquid packaging system, your choice for efficiency and excellence –  Contact us for more.



Model : FC-1000 FC-2000 FCCL-1000 FFCL-2000
Film Type : Single-Layer film Single-Layer film Single-Layer film , Complex-Layer film Single-Layer film , Complex-Layer film
Filling range : 50-500ml 200-1000ml 50-500ml 200-1000ml
Bag-making length : 50-150mm 50-250mm 50-150mm 50-250mm
Bag-making width : 40-150mm 40-175mm 40-150mm 65-175mm
Packing film width : 100-320mm 100-380mm 100-320mm 150-380mm
Packing speed : 1600-2200bags/h 1100-1300pcs/h 1100-1300bags/h 1100-1300bags/h
Voltage 220V 50/60hz 220V 50/60hz 220V 50/60hz 220V 50/60hz
Power : 1.6kw 2.5kw 1.6kw 1.6kw
Control mode : Electric Electric Electric Electric
G.W./N.W : 275kg 380kg 270kg 380kg
Packaging dimension 850*940*1860mm 1150*910*2050mm 1040*910*1860mm 1050*850*2050mm

Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine Packaging Samples:


Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine Packaging Samples


What are the applications of Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine?


The Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine is specifically crafted for the packaging of a diverse range of liquids, such as water, juices, vegetable oil, milk, soup, beverages, vinegar, and more. This automated liquid packing machine is equipped to fabricate bags, measure quantities, fill, seal, cut, and count, with the entire process functioning seamlessly without manual intervention. The machine is well-suited for utilizing packaging materials like PET/PE, Paper/PE, PET/AL/PE, and OPP/PE.

What is Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine price? 


Various factors, such as the manufacturing material, technological features, and the type of material intended for packing, intricately tie the cost of a VFFS packing machine. The choice of manufacturing material significantly influences the properties of the packaging materials, with higher quality materials often incurring higher costs due to enhanced anti-corrosion capabilities. Additionally, the inclusion of ordinary motors versus servo motors is another determinant in pricing. Compared to ordinary motors, servo motors, with their superior intelligence and precise positioning capabilities, generally come with a higher price tag.

Moreover, the specific material you plan to pack is a crucial consideration. Whether it’s powder, granules, or liquids, the pricing of the packing machine will vary based on the nature of the filling material.

For detailed information, personalized suggestions, and the most competitive pricing, please reach out to us. We will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine inquiry Submitting :


When submitting an inquiry for the Automatic VFFS Liquid Packing Machine, please provide the following details to help us recommend the best solution for your needs. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Weight of the bag
  3. Description of your product
  4. Shape of the bag
  5. Bag material (to be included with my product)


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