Manual Induction Sealing Machine

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Manual Induction Sealing Machine


The Hand Held Induction Sealer presents an unmatched blend of sealing effectiveness, portability, and production adaptability within an exceptionally compact footprint. Its compact design and exceptional performance stem from innovative electronic architecture, incorporating proprietary advanced circuitry. This induction sealer is well-suited for diverse applications, including laboratory use, manual or hand-held production, off-line testing, and startup operations aiming for enhanced productivity.

Features of Manual Induction Sealing Machine :


  1. Versatile Closure Compatibility : Seamlessly seals closures ranging from 20mm to 100mm, accommodating a broad spectrum of applications.
  2. User-Friendly Setup : Simple and easy setup ensures a straightforward operational experience.
  3. Advanced Power Supply : Equipped with sophisticated circuitry in the power supply for enhanced efficiency and reliability.
  4. Reliable for Light-Duty Applications : Demonstrates high reliability in light-duty applications, ensuring consistent and trustworthy sealing.
  5. Self-Test Circuitry : Features self-test circuitry to stabilize frequency, contributing to overall operational stability.
  6. Protection Mechanisms : Incorporates over-current and over-voltage protection, guaranteeing smooth and secure operation.
  7. Waterless Cooling : Requires no water for cooling, simplifying maintenance procedures.
  8. Complete Package : Comes with a flexible cable and hand applicator for comprehensive functionality.
  9. Power Specifications : Operates on a single phase, 500W, AC 110V, 50/60Hz, 6A power supply.
  10. Compact and Lightweight : Weighing only 8lbs, it offers a portable and space-efficient solution for your sealing needs.

Manual Induction Sealing Machine in Dubai


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Features :


Automation Grade Manual
Model Name/Number Electric Induction Sealer
Capacity Approx. 20 Bottels in a minute
Voltage Manual
Material Mild Steel
Weight Approx . 3 kg
Sealing Diameter 20mm to 100mm
Warranty 1 year
Minimum Order Quantity 1





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