Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine

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Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine


Introducing our  Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine, designed for automatic film packaging with gold wire for single boxed items across various industries. This machine is equipped with innovative features that enhance efficiency and reduce downtime, making it an ideal choice for the dynamic market in Dubai.

Key Features :

  1. Efficient Mold Replacement: Streamlining operations, this machine eliminates the need to adjust the working table height on both sides or disassemble the discharge chain and hopper when replacing the mold. The traditional four-hour mold replacement time is reduced to just 30 minutes.
  2. Double Insurance Mechanism: With a new double insurance mechanism, the machine can continue running even if it goes out of synchronization, preventing damage to other parts without the need for a complete stop.
  3. Enhanced Operator Safety: The original one-way hand crank device ensures stability by preventing the machine from shaking in the opposite direction. The hand wheel remains stationary during operation, contributing to a safer working environment.
  4. Long-lasting Film Cutting: Featuring a new double-rotating film cutting knife, this machine ensures continuous operation for years without the need for blade sharpening. Overcoming the wear issues associated with traditional fixed single-rotating film cutting blades.



Packing Material BOPP film and tear tape
Speed 30-100pcs/min
Compressed Air ≥0.6mpa
Power supply 220V 1Phase 50Hz
Motor 0.75kW
Machine dimension 2000 x 800 x 1400mm

Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine in Dubai :


Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with our Envelope Type Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine, tailored to meet the specific demands of the Dubai market. Contact us for more information.

Packaging Sample of Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine :


Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine
Molasses Box Overwrapping Machine





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