Molasses Box Packing Machine

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Molasses Box Packing Machine


Introducing our versatile Molasses Box Packing Machine, designed for the automatic packaging of a wide range of box-type items across industries such as pharmacy, food, health products, cosmetics, commodities, stationary, office supplies, poker, and cigarettes. Tailored to meet the demands of the Dubai market, this machine boasts advanced features for efficient and user-friendly operation.

Key Features:

    1. Compact and Stable Design: The machine features a compact and rational structure, ensuring stability, advanced performance, and straight forward operation.
    2. Versatile Adjustments: With multiple adjustment handwheels, the machine offers easy customization, accommodating a large packaging range for various box sizes.
    3. PLC Control System: Utilizing internationally renowned electrical components and a touch-type man-machine interface, the machine adopts PLC control for convenient and quick parameter setting.
    4. Safety Warning Function: Prioritizing user safety, the machine includes a safety warning function with clear fault diagnosis prompts, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
    5. Precision with Servo Motors: Equipped with multiple servo motors, the machine operates with stability and precise movements, enhancing overall efficiency.
    6. Integrated Transmission System: The integrated transmission system ensures reliable performance and facilitates convenient maintenance, contributing to the longevity of the machine.
    7. Software-Controlled Operations: Every control aspect is software-driven, allowing for easy function adjustments and technical upgrades to adapt to evolving production needs.



Speed 15Boxes/min
Paper Quality 300-350g/㎡
Compressed Air ≥0.6mpa
Power supply 380V 3Phase 50Hz
Machine dimension 1250 x 800 x 1400mm

Molasses Box Packing Machine in Dubai


The Molasses Box Packing Machine stands as a versatile solution, meeting the unique packaging requirements of various industries in Dubai, contributing to increased productivity and streamlined operations. Contact us for more information.

Applications of Molasses Box Packing Machine


The box packing machine is extensively utilized for the automated single-piece transparent film packaging of a diverse range of boxed items in industries spanning pharmacy, food, health products, cosmetics, commodities, stationary, office supplies, poker, cigarettes, and more.

Molasses Box Packing Machine
Molasses Box Packing Machine





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