Industrial Flavor Mixer

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Industrial Flavor Mixer

Introduction :

Elevate your molasses production to unparalleled heights with our innovative Flavor Mixer and Flavor Sprayer — a dynamic pairing meticulously designed for precision and excellence. This powerful combination is poised to make its mark in Dubai’s thriving industrial landscape, where discerning consumers and producers alike demand nothing short of perfection in flavor-infused molasses.

Key Features of Flavor Mixer :


    1. Culinary Consistency :
      • Ensure a consistent and delightful taste experience in every batch of flavored molasses.
      • Precision blending by the Flavor Mixer, complemented by the Flavor Sprayer, guarantees an even distribution of flavors, meeting Dubai’s refined culinary standards.
    2. Resilient Stainless Steel Craftsmanship : 
      • Uphold the purity of flavors and molasses, catering to Dubai’s discerning market, through the resilient stainless steel construction.
      • Resistant to corrosion and contaminants, ensuring the highest quality in flavored molasses.
    3. Durability for Continuous Operation :
      • Advanced bearing technology in the Flavor Mixer ensures shock absorption, enhancing the durability for prolonged and uninterrupted operation.
      • Suited for the rigorous demands of Dubai’s industrial landscape, guaranteeing reliability in flavor infusion.
    4. User-Friendly Operation in Multicultural Markets :
      • A user-friendly design ensures seamless operation, catering to a diverse workforce.
      • The sample mechanism facilitates easy adjustments, aligning with Dubai’s multicultural and dynamic market.



Machine volume 500 L
Rotate motor power 3kw
Mix motor power 2.2kw
Rotate speed 0-12 RPM
Voltage 380V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Material SS304


As your trusted partner in flavor-infused molasses production, our cutting-edge technology is tailored to meet and exceed Dubai’s expectations. Embrace a new era of excellence where precision, reliability, and innovation converge seamlessly to redefine the standards of flavored molasses in the vibrant marketplace of Dubai. Contact Us For more information about our Flavor Mixer and Flavor Sprayer in Dubai.





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