Rotary Perfume Filling Machine

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Rotary Perfume Filling Machine


Description :


Tailored for perfume tester bottles, this machine is equipped to automatically handle bottle and cap feeding, perfume filling, and bottle capping functions. With a capacity to pack 1500 bottles per hour, it significantly enhances operational efficiency. This compact bottle filling and capping machine can be personalized to meet the specific production requirements of your business.

Filling Machine Features :


  1. Leveraging a ceramic pump, this machine excels in high filling precision, making it ideal for small-volume filling applications.
  2. The inclusion of a PLC operation panel enhances user convenience by simplifying the process of setting and adjusting working parameters.
  3. The language on the operation panel can be customized to align with your specific preferences and requirements.
  4. Customization options extend to the filling nozzle quantity, filling range, and rotary plate size, ensuring flexibility to meet your unique production needs.

Specification :


Specification Details
Maximum filling capacity 200ml
Minimum filling capacity 20ml
Number of filling heads 9
Main drive geared motor 0.5 HP
Vacuum pump 0.5 HP
Liquid Transfer Pump 0.5 HP
Approx. production/capacity A. up to 50 ml: 32-36 bpm/min
B. up to 100 ml: 30-34 bpm/min
C. up to 200 ml: 24-28 bpm/min
Speed Variable By Mechanical Drive Yes
Manpower required 1

Rotary Perfume Filling Machine in Dubai

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