Aerosol Filling Crimping and Gas Filling Machine

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Aerosol Filling Crimping and Gas Filling Machine


Description :


The support structure aligns the filling head, sealing mouth, and charging head in a linear arrangement, departing from the conventional positioning mode of the original air mist irrigation station model. During filling, aerosol is introduced through the guiding filling plate on the left, constrained by the baffle plate on the right. Upon completion, the aerosol is extracted from the front on the right side.

With a single operation of the foot valve, the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine can perform filling, sealing, and charging simultaneously, enabling a single operator to handle the entire process. Individual actions can also be executed by simply toggling the switch knob on the panel.

The filling machine incorporates a standard cylinder drive for enhanced stability, ensuring more consistent and reliable performance. The charging head is equipped with a standard short cylinder as its executive component, resulting in a more refined structure and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The maximum irrigation fluid and aeration capacities are maintained at 450ml.


Ideal for aerosol products, air fresheners, deodorant sprays, spray paint, snow spray, ribbon spray, and more.

Aerosol Technical Details :

Attribute Value
Product Name Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine
Production Speed 400-600 cans per hour
Suitable Can Height 80-330mm
Suitable Can Diameter 38-65mm
Liquid Filling Capacity 450ml
Suitable Valve Size 1 inch
Gas Filling Capacity 450ml
Filling Accuracy ±1
Work Pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa

Aerosol Filling Crimping and Gas Filling Machine in Dubai

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