Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine

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Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine



This semi-automatic glass glue, silicone sealant and Grease filling machine is specifically designed for versatile use with various containers, including bottles, jars, buckets, and hard tubes. It is equipped with a hydraulic extruder, making it ideal for dispensing thick materials like sealant and grease. Our cutting-edge filling machine has no container size restrictions, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of packaging options. Available for purchase in Dubai, this machine guarantees efficient and precise filling for your specific application needs. Contact us for more.

Description of Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine :


  1. This Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine is suitable for handling materials such as glass glue, silicone glue, and viscous substances like sealant and grease.
Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine
Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine
  1. Compatible with various packaging containers: plastic rigid tubes, paper tubes, metal aluminum tubes, bottles, and more.
  2. Operation: Semi-automatic, with one person for filling, one for manual capping, and one for packaging.
  3. Hydraulic discharge system: Designed for 200L straight standard barrels without ribs, equipped with an energy storage device. The system pressure is automatically controlled, ensuring stable and adjustable worki
  4. ng pressure for material pressing.
  5. Quantitative cylinder filling head: Features a touch screen interface for easy operation, precise quantification controlled by a servo motor, and adjustable quantification parameters. Accuracy is within ±1% (based on actual maximum filling volume). Production capacity ranges from 10 to 25 units per minute, depending on material viscosity, filling volume, and worker proficiency.

Technical Parameters  of the Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine :


tems Parameters
Power supply Single phase, 220V, 2.5kW
Filling range 100-1000ml
Filling speed 10-25 pcs/minute
Total Weight 32kg (suitable for table)

Filling Samples


Semi Auto Grease Filled samples
Semi Auto Grease Filling Machine





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