Semi Automatic Carton Sealer

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Semi Automatic Carton Sealer

Description :


Unveiling our state-of-the-art Carton Sealing Machine, a revolutionary solution to streamline and elevate your packaging processes.

Meticulously engineered for precision and unwavering reliability, our Carton Sealer is equipped with advanced features and intuitive controls, ensuring a seamless operation that allows for swift and secure carton sealing. Whether you’re preparing items for storage, shipping, or distribution, our carton sealer promises consistent and polished results with every application, promising heightened efficiency and a touch of professionalism on every occasion.

Features :


  1. Engineered for cost-effective carton sealing through adhesive tape application.
  2. Operates at high speeds for efficient packaging.
  3. Facilitates easy size changeovers, ensuring versatility in handling various carton dimensions.
  4. Suitable for integration into production lines or use as a standalone machine.
  5. Widely utilized in diverse industries such as domestic electrical appliances, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine, and the chemical industry.
  6. Adjustable conveyor belt tension and tape tension to accommodate the requirements of both soft and hard cartons.
  7. Offers the option to use printed tape for enhancing the enterprise’s professional image.


Conveyor speed 20m/min
Carton Size L150-∞×W180-500×H150-600mm
Power Supply 110/220V 50/60Hz 1Phase
Power 240W
Adhesive Tape Width 48/60/75mm
Air Consumption /
Air Compressing /
Table Height 600+150mm
Machine Dimension L1020×W850×H450mm
Machine Weight 130KG

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer in Dubai

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