Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine

Description :


Enhance packaging efficiency and minimize stretch film consumption through the utilization of a cutting-edge stretch wrapping machine. Engineered as an automated pallet stretch wrapper, this industrial machine guarantees the secure and reliable wrapping of pallet loads, leading to seamless and trouble-free deliveries.

Achieve Precision in Wrapping In contrast to manual-wrap stretch films, the stretch wrapper delivers a consistent and professional appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of pallets. The machine incorporates an automatic height sensor that accurately identifies the pallet’s height, facilitating meticulous adjustments during the wrapping process.

Tailored Wrapping Options The turntable stretch wrapper is equipped with customizable configurations, empowering users to select the desired number of wrapping rounds. For example, by simply adjusting a knob, users can specify the number of stretch film layers to encircle the pallet, and the machine will execute the wrapping accordingly.

Additionally, the pallet wrapper features a soft start cycle function, preventing the potential toppling of lighter-load pallets during the wrapping procedure. This ensures both stability and the preservation of the pallet’s integrity.

Key Features :


  1. Full Automation: The machine operates fully automatically, streamlining the packaging process and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  2. Heavy-Duty Turntable: Designed for industrial applications, the machine features a robust turntable capable of handling heavy loads, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding environments.
  3. Sturdy Mast and Machined Guide Ways: The inclusion of a sturdy mast and precision-machined guide ways ensures the effective guidance of the stretch unit, contributing to the overall stability and performance of the machine.
  4. Compact Stretch Unit: The Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine is designed to be compact, optimizing space utilization while still providing the flexibility to vary the stretch percentage through the use of change gears.
  5. Compatibility with Various Stretch Film Materials: The machine is engineered to accommodate a wide range of stretch film materials, offering versatility in packaging options to meet diverse product specifications.
  6. Modular Construction: Its modular design allows for customization and adaptability to specific packaging needs, providing a scalable solution that can be tailored to different requirements.
  7. Photoelectric Detector: Equipped with a photoelectric detector, the machine automatically assesses the height of goods, enhancing precision in the packaging process.
  8. Automatic Reset of Rotary Table: The rotary table has an automatic reset feature, contributing to operational efficiency by simplifying the setup process and reducing manual adjustments.
  9. Suitability for Heavy Products: The Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine Specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, the machine is well-suited for wrapping and securing heavy products, ensuring reliable and effective packaging.
  10. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The combination of automation, precision features, and heavy-duty design collectively contributes to enhanced operational efficiency, making the machine a reliable and efficient solution for industrial packaging needs.

Specifications :


Turntable Diameter 1650mm, (1800mm/2000mm/2200mm available to customize)
Machine height 2400mm, (2800mm, 3000mm available to customize)
Max load 2000kg,(3000kg available to customize)
Film roll dimension ID( paper core): 76mm, OD: max 300mm, Width: 500mm, Weight: max 15kg
Pre-stretch ratio 250%/300%
Speed of turntable 0-12rmp
Packing speed 30-40 pallets/hour
Operation mode one-button start
Max pallet dimension upon customer requirement
Power supply 220V,1/3Ph, 50/60Hz( 110V, 380V…. available to customize)
Compressed air supply 3-8kgf/cm²
Output 1.5kw
Packing dimension L2620mm*W1820mm*H900mm
Gross weight app 650kg

Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine in Dubai

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