Shrink Chamber

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Shrink Chamber

Description :


Description: The Shrink Chamber machine seamlessly integrates sealing and shrinking into a single, efficient step. It accommodates various shrink films like PVC, POF, and PP, offering transparency with its clear cover, allowing for visibility during the sealing, cutting, and shrinking process. This machine is equipped with a feature that automatically conveys packed products, effectively doubling packing capacity.



  1. Ensures perfect sealing without cracking or coking, thanks to the nano-fiber cutter holder and anti-sticking thermo-stable nichrome cutter.
  2. Incorporates a specially designed roller with pins to create small holes in the film, facilitating air release.
  3. Offers an adjustable sliding film support to accommodate different sizes of packing objects.
  4. Demonstrates low power consumption, averaging only 2.5kw/hour.
  5. Includes a thermo-stable and durable plastic cutter clip.
  6. Features an adjustable package support inside the chamber to accommodate various product sizes.
  7. Offers the flexibility of being moved or fixed freely with truckles, featuring brakes on the bottom of the supporting base.
  8. Capable of continuous operation for extended periods without overheating the ambient environment.

Specification :

Specification Model No. FCT-SC25
Model No. FCT-SC25
Job Max Size
W x H x L
16″x12″ 20″x16″
Power AC Single Phase 220V AC single phase 220V
Power consumption 1.5KW 2.1KW
Machine Dimension 889X610X610 mm 1372X711X1270 mm

Applications :


This shrink wrapping machine finds widespread use in the outer shrink packing of diverse products, including foodstuff, beverages, pharmaceuticals, video discs, hardware, cosmetics, books, toys, and electronic products. It is ideal for shrink wrapping combined products in supermarkets for sales promotion, such as food items, beverages, cosmetics, presswork, and toys. Additionally, it is suitable for spaces with restrictions, such as supermarkets, specialized shops, offices, and laboratories.

Shrink Chamber in Dubai

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