Automatic Tray Sealing/Skin Packaging Machine

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Automatic Tray Sealing/Skin Packaging Machine

Description :


The vertical type vacuum skin packaging machine is equipped with an automatic film trim function, enhancing operational convenience. With the press of a nearby button, the mold effortlessly slides in and out of the vacuum chamber, minimizing labor costs. This machine caters to the needs of supermarkets and food processing factories with small to medium capacity requirements, particularly suited for packaging seafood, fish, meat, cheese, frozen durian, and more.

Technical Features :


  1. Crafted from food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, the vacuum skin packaging machine ensures impeccable hygiene standards, resisting rust and deformation.
  2. Featuring molds fashioned from anodized aluminum alloy, this machine boasts enhanced durability, resistance to rust, and superior hygiene. These molds are customized to fit specific skin tray or cardboard sizes.
  3. Effortlessly switch between molds to accommodate various package dimensions, thanks to a streamlined and rapid mold change mechanism.
  4. Built with a robust structure, this machine guarantees an extended service life, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  5. Seamlessly adjust vacuum time and heating temperature through an intuitive PLC and touchscreen interface, making operation effortless and precise.
  6. With its versatility, the vacuum skin packaging machine is suitable for a wide array of applications. From high-value meat products like beef and pork to seafood items such as fish and lobster, as well as delicate offerings like salmon fillets and cheese portions, it meets diverse packaging needs with ease.

Applications of Skin Packaging Machine : 


  1. Agricultural Produces
  2. Meat and Poultry
  3. Ready Meals
  4. Fish and Seafood
  5. Cheese



Skin Packaging Machine
Skin Packaging Machine

Technical  Details:


Model No. Power Supply Total Power Skin Pack Film Width Machine Dimension Packaging Material Packaging Speed Vacuum Pump
FCTS 450 Customizable, typically 3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz About 8 KW According to the mold design Approximately 140016001700 mm 1. Premade skin pack trays/cardboard 2. Skin pack film Usually 4 trays per cycle, 2 cycles per minute, about 450-600 trays per hour Options include 100m3/h or 200m3/h, vacuum pumps sourced from China or BUSCH brand

Automatic Tray Sealing/Skin Packaging Machine In Dubai

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