Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Description :


Explore the efficiency of our Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine, meticulously crafted for seamless application of self-adhesive labels on various round bottles, including PET bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles, and vials. This compact and automatic labeling solution is ideal for small workshops, optimizing space without compromising functionality.

Engineered with precision using high-grade stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the labeling head boasts a high-speed servo motor, ensuring both accuracy and swift labeling. The incorporation of optoelectronic systems from renowned German and Japanese sources guarantees top-tier performance. Operating this machine is a breeze, thanks to the PLC with a user-friendly interface.

This versatile Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine is tailored for industries like food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, stationery, toys, and hardware, providing full-circle or semi-circle labeling for round bottles. The product remains stationary during labeling, and the machine allows for seamless switching and adjustment between bottles.

To uphold precision, the machine integrates a Taiwan PLC, Switzerland imported chips, double step motor drive, and an encoder for automatic speed tracking. Choose our

for your small workshop—an efficient and compact solution recognized for its reliability and performance by industry leaders and Google algorithms alike.

Key Specifications of the Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine :


  1. Labeling Speed:
    • Versatile speed range of 20 to 60 pcs/minute, dependent on container and label size.
    • Ideal for small-scale production needs.
  2. Bottle Size:
    • Diameter: From .63″ (16mm) to 3.54″ (90mm).
    • Height: From 1.18″ (30mm) to 6.29″ (160 mm).
  3. Label Size:
    • Width: .39″ (10mm) to 3.93″ (100mm).
    • Length: .78″ (20mm) to 11.81″ (300mm).
  4. Label Reel:
    • Inner Diameter: 2.95″ (75mm).
    • Outer Diameter: 11.81″ (300mm).
  5. Accuracy:
    • Precision labeling with an accuracy of ±1mm.
  6. Voltage:
    • Operates on 110V power supply.
  7. Machine Size:
    • Compact dimensions measuring 47.25″L x 32.65″W x 20.86″H.

The Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler is a versatile labeling solution, suitable for various vertical round bottles, offering efficiency and precision for small-scale production.

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Model  FCT-TT24
Accuracy ±1mm
Speed 50-200pcs/min
Label Height 15-150mm
Label Length 25-300mm
Bottle height 25-350mm
Accruracy ± 1mm (according to the bottle)
Label Roll 75—350mm
Power AC110V/220V 50/60HZ 1000W
Dimension 1270X1000X780mm





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