Automatic Double Side Labeling Machine

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Automatic Double Side Labeling Machine


Description :


Our Double Sides Bottle Labeling Machine excels in applying two sticker labels on bottles, boasting precision control through PLC and a user-friendly touch screen interface.

Revolutionizing labeling solutions, our Double Sides Labeling Machine builds upon the foundation of its single-sided counterpart. Tailored to meet the demands of customers requiring dual-sided labels on a variety of bottle shapes, this machine is highly versatile. Its applications span across square, flat, and round containers used in industries such as medicine, daily chemicals, food, cultural supplies, and electronics.

The Double Sides Labeling Machine is a true Multi-Function labeling powerhouse, ideal for Flat, Oval, Square, and Round bottles. Its servo motor-driven mechanism ensures precise and flawless label placement, meeting the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency in the labeling process.

Advantages of the Automatic Double Sides Bottle Labeling Machine :


  1. Seamless Integration :
  1. Precision Labeling :
    • The integration of a servo motor and PLC ensures precise label application, meeting high standards of accuracy.
  2. User-Friendly Adjustments :


Suitable label length (mm): 20mm ~ 200mm
Applicable Label width (backing paper width / mm): 20mm ~ 160mm
Applicable Dimensions (length × width × height / thickness): Length (transport direction): 20mm ~ 250mm
Width (transport width direction): 30mm ~ 90mm, Height: 60mm ~ 280mm
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm): φ280mm
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm): φ76mm
Labeling accuracy (mm): ± 1mm
The standard speed (m / min): Stepping 5 ~ 19m/min , Servo: 5 ~ 40m/min
Labeling speed (pcs / min): Stepping: 30 ~ 160pcs/min, Servo: 50 ~ 200pcs/min
Conveyor speed (m / min): 16m/min
Weight (kg): about 330kg
Frequency (HZ): 50HZ
Voltage (V): 220V
Power (W): 1100W (traction stepper), 1600W (traction servo)
Device dimensions (mm), (L × W × H): 3000mm × 1450mm × 1600mm

Automatic Double Side Labeling Machine in Dubai

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