Automatic Top Labeling Machine

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Automatic Top Labeling Machine


Description :


The automatic top labeling machine is designed for the application of labels on bags, boxes, bottles, containers, and various other products across different industries. It efficiently affixes stickers or labels onto flat surfaces or the tops of containers, automating the labeling process and enhancing packaging precision and efficiency.

This label applicator machine is particularly well-suited for the requirements of fast-moving consumer goods, including but not limited to memory cards, RFID, paper boxes, plastic boxes, aluminum foil bags, zipper bags, plastic bags, cosmetics, as well as personal care and household products. Operating fully automatically, the labeler significantly reduces labor costs.

Advantages of the Automatic Top Labeling Machine


  1. Versatility Across Industries :
    • Applicable to a wide array of industries.
    • The HMI version accommodates various product sizes, shapes, and label types, providing an ideal labeling solution for diverse industries.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness :
    • Highly cost-effective by ensuring accurate labeling, minimizing label wastage, and offering a long machine service life.
  3. Enhanced Automation for Productivity :
    • Automation significantly improves productivity by executing the labeling process automatically, thereby reducing the time and effort required for manual labeling. This, in turn, enables companies to maintain a leading position in the competitive landscape.
  4. Compliance with Regulatory Standards :
  5. Precision Labeling with High Quality :
    • Guarantees high-quality and precise labeling, ensuring that labels are consistently applied in the correct position and minimizing the risk of human error.



Applicable Length of Label 6mm ~ 250mm
Applicable Label width (backing paper width) 20mm ~ 150mm
Applicable Dimensions (length × width × height / thickness): Length: 40mm ~ 400mm, Width: 40mm ~ 200mm, Height: 0.2mm ~ 150mm
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm): φ350 mm below are available
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm) φ76mm
Labeling accuracy (mm) ± 1mm
The standard speed (m / min) Stepping: 19m/min, Servo: 25m/min
Labeling speed (pcs / min) Stepping: 40 ~ 150pcs/min, Servo: 50 ~ 200pcs/min
Conveyor speed (m / min) Stepping: 5 ~ 19m/min, Servo: 5 ~ 25m/min
Weight (kg) about 180kg
Frequency (HZ) 50/60HZ
Voltage (V) 110/220V
Power (W) 500W (traction stepper), 950W (traction servo)
Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H) 1600mm × 780mm × 1400mm

Automatic Top Labeling Machine in Dubai

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