Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

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Free Screw Air Compressor Advantages 


  • Class 0 oil-free, clean, and oil-free compressed air
  • Significant energy-saving, environmental-friendly;
  • IE3 motor, save your electricity cost;
  • Coupling connection, more energy-saving;
  • Multiple noise reduction design;
  • Using 304 stainless steel pipe, it will not rust and corrode under high-temperature conditions
  • No pollution, environmental protection, no oil, and carbon pollution in the air system
  • Low energy consumption, low operating cost
  • High efficiency, special profile design of the host. Energy-saving of ordinary motors increased by 30%
  • Low noise, product structure adopts the balanced design
  • An intelligent control system, reliable software design, support multiple languages

Specification :
Parameter Range
Working Pressure 7-8 bar
102-145 psig
Capacity 3.9-46 m3/min
137-1624 cfm
Working Power 45-250 KW
Noise 69±3 – 74±3

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