Two-Stage Pm Vsd Air Compressor Series

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Two-Stage Air Compressor Series

Description :


Our Two-Stage Screw Vsd Air Compressor employs advanced dual-stage compression technology to elevate air compression to higher pressures. This sophisticated design ensures not only enhanced energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption but also delivers stable airflow outputs for your processes and more consistent outlet temperatures.

Whether in industrial manufacturing, construction, or energy production, our Two-Stage Screw Air Compressor caters to your needs. Offering precise control, efficient energy utilization, and enduring durability, it empowers you to achieve more efficient production and significant energy-saving benefits for your operations.


Specification :


Gas Type Air
Power 22 kW – 185 kW
Air Outlet Diameter DN40 – DN80
Driven Method Direct Driven
Configuration Stationary
Lubrication Style Lubricated
Drive Method Variable Speed Drive
Weight 250 kg – 4250 kg
Warranty 2 years
Certification CE/ASME/ISO
Color Optional & Customization


Air Compressor Series in Dubai

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