Single Phase Air Compressor Machine

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Single Phase Air Compressor

Description :


Single Phase Air Compressor is 220V suitable for a wide range of scenarios, wide voltage use, frequency conversion technology, small starting current, and residential electricity consumption, and the cost is about half of industrial electricity consumption. 220V frequency conversion motors are 50% more energy efficient than ordinary motors

  • Industry characteristic one-phase permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor manufacturer
  • Five-stage separation technology with independent intellectual property rights to ensure that the oil content of the export is controlled at 2ppm;
  • Back to the original core, six heavy-duty bearings are used, connected by Morse taper, and the vibration frequency is controlled within 1mm/s;
  • Efficiency up to 95%, “IE4” high energy efficiency motor;
  • Constant pressure and silence;
  • Large size air end, low speed, sufficient air volume;
  • Six heavy-duty bearings, Morse taper connection;
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Specification :


Gas Type Air
Power 3.7 kW – 9 kW
Voltage 220/380V
Pressure 8 – 12.5 Bar
Outlet Size G1/2
Lubrication Style Lubricated
Drive Method Variable Speed Drive
Warranty 2 years
Certification CE/ASME/ISO
Color Optional & customization

Air Compressor in Dubai

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