Roller Conveyor

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Roller Conveyor

Description :


Our Gravity Roller Conveyor offers a cost-effective solution for smooth goods movement across operational lines. These conveyors excel in reliability, efficiency, and safety, meeting the crucial demands of manufacturing and packaging operations.

Designed to handle heavy and irregularly shaped items, our gravity conveyors play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth processes within industrial settings. Innovative interlocking hooks enhance their versatility, enabling the flexible addition of conveyor sections to meet specific workplace requirements.

In the selection of a roller conveyor, it is advisable to ensure that a minimum of three rollers supports the footprint of the smallest product. This ensures the effortless transportation of goods. The size of the loads determines the roller pitch required for your gravity conveyor system, applying this guiding principle.

For tailored solutions, custom conveyor systems can be designed and provided upon request, offering adaptability to unique operational demands. Our commitment is to offer reliable and efficient conveyor solutions to enhance the productivity and safety of your work environment.



Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyor

Ordering our Gravity Roller Conveyors is a straightforward process, offering full customization to meet your unique needs. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the desired Length and Width.
  2. Specify the Pitch that aligns with your requirements.
  3. Select the Type of roller, whether steel or plastic.
  4. Determine the Quantity of Frames, Rollers, and the Number of Stands needed.

Our roller conveyors are not only easily configurable but can also be tailored to your precise specifications. If the standard options don’t quite fit your needs, you have the option to completely customize the conveyor systems. Just provide details such as your preferred length, width, pitch, or roller type, and we will develop a bespoke solution to perfectly suit your requirements. Ordering a Gravity Roller Conveyor has never been more convenient and adaptable to your specific operational demands.

Specifications :


Conveyor speed 20m/min
Carton Size L150-∞×W180-500×H150-600mm
Power Supply 110/220V 50/60Hz 1Phase
Power 240W
Adhesive Tape Width 48/60/75mm
Air Consumption /
Air Compressing /
Table Height 600+150mm
Machine Dimension L1020×W850×H450mm
Machine Weight 130KG

Roller Conveyor in Dubai

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