Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine


Description :


The Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine is a tabletop device equipped with a motor and touch control using limit switches. Its compact size makes it suitable for both horizontal and vertical filling and packaging machines. This machine is designed for printing production dates and batch information on various industrial products such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and more.


Labeling Machines Features :

  1. The bottle labelers are designed to effectively label various cylindrical objects.
  2. Achieves both high accuracy and speed through automatic dispensing and labeling.

Bottle Labeling Specifications :

      1. Precision: ±0.5mm
      2. Operating Speed: 25 – 50 pieces per minute
      3. Suitable for Bottle Outer Diameter: 10-150mm
      4. Label Width: 8-150mm
      5. Label Length: 15-315mm
      6. Label Roll Inner Diameter: 76mm
      7. Maximum Outer Diameter of Label Roll: 250mm
      8. Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz
      9. Power Rating: 120W
      10. Dimensions (Packing): 654534cm
      11. Weight: 25Kg



Model FCT-SA20
Voltage 220V or 110 V (Optional)
Motor Power 120 W
Applicable Bottles of Diameter 15-120 mm
Label Roll External Diameter 275 mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter 75 mm
Min. Label Size 26(W) x 25(L) mm
Max. Label Size 150(W) x 240(L) mm
Labeling Speed 20-40 pcs/min
Labeling Accuracy ±0.5 mm
Weight 25 kg

Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine in Dubai

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