Semi Automatic Molasses Filling Machines

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Semi Automatic Molasses Filling Machines


Introducing our Semi-Automatic Molasses Filling Machine, designed with full computer control system “PLC “, featuring a vibrant color touch screen for easy, intuitive, and efficient operation. Ideal for the dynamic market in Dubai, this machine boasts a servo film transport system with an imported color code sensor, ensuring precise positioning for excellent overall performance and visually appealing packaging.

Key Features of Semi Automatic Molasses Filling Machines :


  1. Advanced Control System: PLC full computer control system for seamless operation, with a user-friendly color touch screen interface.
  2. Precision in Packaging: Equipped with a servo film transport system and imported color code sensor for accurate positioning, ensuring precise and beautiful packaging.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Incorporates various automatic alarm protection functions to minimize losses and ensure a secure operating environment.
  4. Versatile Cutting Options: Capable of flat cutting, pattern cutting, and linking cutting by simply changing the tools, resulting in smooth bag production.
  5. Customizable Bag-Making: Flexibility to adapt the bag-making equipment according to specific customer and product requirements.
  6. Multilingual Interface: Offers optional screen display in English or other languages, ensuring easy and straightforward operation.
  7. Efficient Settings: Simplifies the process with one-click adjustments for both packaging speed and bag length, providing efficiency and convenience.

Experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design with our Semi-Automatic Molasses Filling Machine, tailored for the diverse and demanding market in Dubai. Contact us for more information about Shisha Molasses filling machines in Dubai.

Parameters :


Speed 10 to 40/min
Packing weight 50g – 1000g
Compressed Air 0.5-0.8mpa
Power supply 220V 1Phase 50Hz/60Hz
Power 1.8Kw
Dimension 850*580*1600mm

Product Description :


Molasses Filling Machines






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