Automatic Corner Labeling For Tax Stamping

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Automatic Corner Labeling For Tax Stamping


The Automatic Box Top Surface Labeling Machine from first class presents an industrial-grade labeling solution tailored for precise and high-speed label application across a range of box sizes. Its bi-directional operation, adaptable to both right and left orientations, facilitates seamless integration into any production line.

With an impressive labeling speed of 50-100 pieces per minute, this machine is well-suited for industries requiring swift and accurate labeling processes.

What sets this machine apart is its versatility, making it suitable for surface labeling on various materials, including paper boxes, cartons, batteries, cosmetics, and more. Its proficiency extends to the application of specialized labels like anti-counterfeit labels and barcodes, ensuring the authenticity and traceability of your products.

To sum it up, the first class Automatic Box Top Surface Labeling Machine is the preferred choice for businesses in Dubai seeking a labeling solution that seamlessly combines speed, accuracy, and versatility in their operations.


Box Range of Automatic Corner Labeling For Tax Stamping :


  • Suitable product size: 20-300mm in length, 20-300mm in width, 10-100mm in height
  • Label size: (L) 6-150mm, (H) 20-300mm

Technical Specification :


Property Information
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W
Labeling Capacity 50-100 pieces per minute
(depends on product size)
Roll Inside Diameter Φ76mm
Roll Outside Diameter Φ300mm


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